When The Universe Aligns

The universe does this thing where it aligns your energy with people and things to your situations. Recently life for me has been aligned in an insane way. If you believe in manifestation and energy then you know exactly what I mean.

When everything went down with our most recent loss, life felt hard. Harder than it is. Impossible. Life also stepped up and provided when we were down. So much so that life aligned this incredible human being in my life. When everything happened I wanted a sense of organic Community. Someone I could be me NO matter what. Someone I could be BRUTALLY honest with. Someone I could let it all out and they let it all out to me. Someone that I could yell, be angry with and cry with. Some one that just GOT IT. GETS IT. IS GOING THROUGH IT and understands…

This person is this woman here. Someone near to my heart I know reached out and connected us. My friend Christen. She said hey I want you to meet her.

Instantly through the power of social media Tiffany and I would text daily. Hourly. Letting out our deepest of feelings of fear. Anger. Hate on our bodies and more.

Being connected in this way to us was more than just journaling. I have made a life long friend I know that would be there in a heartbeat. And like wise for her. We share upcoming things and if we think the other needs to hear something we say it. I have a test / procedure coming up and I love how this incredible friend tells me “I really think you need to do this. Don’t put your self through something that might re-stir the trauma. Your body’s been through a lot and it might trigger something” . In this life I feel like we need someone to be there like this.

I can’t tell you how on Mother’s Day I was so fearful and so sad and so down. However knowing I have someone by my side in this with me helped. I texted her wishing her the best and said “if you need me today I’m here” just knowing we have such a common ground helps so much.

There were times when having our D&C or being in a group of people being sad, to not wanting to get out of bed, to then going through another cycle and being triggered or having fear or ttc again etc. we have been there to talk it all out. It’s just amazing to know you’re not alone.

Thank you Tiffany for your light and who you are. I can’t wait to see our journeys flourish and when we do have our babies and they are friends and they find out how they are connected I just think that is going to be such a cool memory.

Love you girl.

Cheers to us!

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